Dark with Excessive Light Collection Launch at Melbourne Museum

by Estelle Michaelides

I had a dream to create a show that not only was visually beautiful but interactive, engaging and moving. I am but one person with a dream but with an incredible team of people supporting me, this dream was given wings to fly and wow did it soar!.

My collection, Dark With Excessive Light celebrates the sovereignty of the human spirit and this event symbolised this very thing; one person, one dream, fighting with fervent vigour through all the obstacles to watch her dream come to life. The triumph. The victory.

Through our quest for absolute, at times we journey through darkness though it is here where we find an invaluable currency of wilfulness and light that chaperones us through the darkness. Light will always shine in darkness.

The event was held at the Melbourne Museum amidst the “You Can’t Do That” exhibition- how appropriate! Adi Sappir played her cello which accompanied my presentation. I began the presentation by doing a live fashion illustration in front of my guests followed by “finishing off” outfits in live real time so my guests could obtain a further insight into my creative process. 

TKM9 Group enhanced this event with an interactive installation and projection that showcased my craft.

A thank you to my team, Melbourne Museum, TKM9 Group and those that continued to nudge me to light when I told myself “I can’t do that”.

Thank you to;
•Angela Clark for the hand beaded earrings: www.angelaclarkboutique.com
•Serena Lindeman for headwear: www.serenalindeman.com.au
•Kristine Walker for headwear: www.thehumanchameleon.com
•Ruby Slipper for headwraps: @clickthreetimes
•Johanna Preston for footwear: www.prestonzly.com

Estelle x